LINTEX shall be a workplace free from crime, corruption, discrimination, harassment and other types of misconduct. To gain knowledge of occurring misconduct, at present or in the past, Lintex has a confidential and secure reporting channel that may be used by people who has or have had a work-related relationship to the company for example employees, contractors or suppliers. Lintex investigates and acts upon suspected misconduct and makes sure whistleblowers are properly protected.

The whistleblower function shall be used if misconduct within the company is suspected, and if there is a public interest in it coming to light. You do not need proof of your suspicion, but all reports must be submitted in good faith. The report is handled confidentially. All irrelevant personal data will be deleted, and the information will only be saved for as long as necessary.

Whistleblower policy and instructions, LINTEX AB (SV, EN)

Report here (visslan.com)