What are cookies?
The Lintex uses cookies, pixels, and similar tracking technologies (“cookies”) that provide information about and store information on your device, such as your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Cookies are used to make websites more efficient but also to send information to the owner of the website. Cookies also make it possible to distinguish between different users and provide each user with a more personalized and positive experience of visiting the website. If you consent, cookies are also used to show you interesting marketing on other websites. Cookies cannot harm your computer. They do not contain confidential information such as your email address or personal information.

Lintex, with organization number 556295-1698, is responsible for the use of cookies applied when you visit https://www.lintex.com/.
Why collect personal data using cookies?
Depending on the consent you have given for cookies and trackers and the personal information you provide, we may use your information to:
• Make it easier for you to use our website.
• Record which parts of the website you have visited and how long your visit is to provide you with a more personalized experience.
• Analyze user data.
• Evaluate, develop, and improve our website, for example, if cookies indicate that it is difficult to find on the website.
• Enable you to apply for access cards and register ship notifications.
• Provide you and other visitors with relevant information when visiting the website.
What is the legal basis for collecting personal data using cookies?
When you enter the website, you are asked to consent to the use of cookies by clicking “Accept all cookies” in the dialog box that opens. By doing so, you consent to your personal data being collected, used, and transferred in accordance with this policy.
You can avoid cookies
By adjusting settings in your browser, you can block certain types of cookies. In that case, your browser automatically denies the use of these cookies or informs you each time a website (like ours) requests to use that type of cookie.

You can choose not to consent to our use of certain types of cookies.
If you choose to consent, you can of course revoke your consent at any time by changing your cookie settings or contact us for guidance. Such revocation will affect the period thereafter.

After your visit, you can review and delete the permanent cookies stored in your browser.

If you block or delete necessary cookies, the website will not function as intended, and you will not be able to use all of the website’s features. Below, we have explained what happens if you block or delete such cookies.
You have the right to complain
If you want more information about cookies, permitted cookie management, or want to make complaints about our handling, you can contact the supervisory authority for cookies. In Sweden, it is the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority that serves as the supervisory authority.
What types of cookies do we use?
There are two different types of cookies on the website:

First-party cookies, i.e., cookies that our website uses to provide you with a good user experience.
Third-party cookies, i.e., cookies that belong to a domain other than the one displayed in the address bar. Third-party cookies allow tracking of the user’s web history.

We primarily use common so-called “https cookies” but also use more advanced pixel cookies (see information under the heading “Do we transfer cookies/personal data to third parties?”).

The table below lists the cookies used on our website, the purpose of each cookie, and whether information comes from or will be transferred to a third party. The table also provides information on whether the cookie is a persistent cookie, a session cookie, or a third-party cookie. In addition, the lifespan of each cookie that will be stored on your device is specified.
List of cookies on the web
Cookies used by https://www.lintex.com:

Cookies used by Vimeo (video player):

Cookies used by Meta/facebook.com:

Cookies used by LinkedIn

Cookies used by Pinterest:
Do we transfer cookies/personal data to third parties?
Google Analytics
We use the Google Analytics tool to collect information about how the website is used. Google Analytics collects information about how often a visitor visits the website. We use the information to improve the technical performance of the website, optimize website features, improve your experience on the website, customize the website to your interests and needs, and make it easier to use the website. Google Analytics collects the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit the website.

We do not merge information collected using Google Analytics with personally identifiable information. Google’s ability to use and share information collected using Google Analytics about your visit to our website is limited by Google Analytics terms of use available at: https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html, and Google’s privacy policy available at: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/. You can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on subsequent visits to the website by disabling cookies in your browser.
Google Marketing Platform
We also use the Google Marketing Platform, which includes tools such as Google Analytics, Campaign Manager, and Google Tag Manager. The Google Analytics analysis tool (currently referred to as “Google Display Network Impression Reporting” and “Remarketing with Google Analytics”) and the Google Campaign Manager advertising tool collect information about how often a visitor visits the website. We use the analyzed information about visitor behavior and interests, as well as demographics, and share the information with Google to better customize and display more relevant ads to the visitor on other websites, known as retargeting, if the visitor has accepted Advertising cookies.
Tjänster från Meta
Marketing on Facebook and Instagram
If you consent, we use cookies to show you relevant marketing when you visit Facebook/Instagram. We do this using Meta’s services. Meta’s marketing services allow you to see interesting offers and new products from us based on an analysis of your use of our website and other information Meta has about you (known as “profiling”).

To protect your privacy, we have taken measures to avoid identifying you when you use our website. For example, your IP address is encrypted. When we process data that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual, we inform you under the heading “Processing of personal data related to digital marketing”.

Meta’s cookies are used for the duration specified for each Facebook cookie in the table above under the heading “Third-party cookies”. If you block/delete these cookies, you will see less relevant marketing
Services from Pinterest
If you consent, we use cookies to show you relevant marketing when you visit Pinterest. We do this with the help of Pinterest services.

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